Monday, May 16, 2011

Older, and still grumpy

So it's been tow years since I last blogged and still I see so much wrong with the world. Parents who let their kids run wild in stores without supervision. People who let let dogs roam free and poop in my yard and never clean up. Shall I allow my dog to crap all over your yard? Let's see how well you like that.

I guess I am just sick of people being all for themselves and not being aware of how they affect others. Take some time to look at things from another persons perspective before you decide to do something self serving.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drivers -

I'd like to appeal to all those drivers that don't pay attention while driving.

I am so sick of you complaining that your "rights" are being taken away when a law is passed making it illegal to text or use your phone while driving. Or even you knitwits that complain against seatbelt laws.

A drivers license is a privilege not a right. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state you have the right to drive a car.

Also realize you're taking my life into your hands if you are doing all that crap while driving. If you hit me and were talking or texting, your butt is getting hauled into court. I will take you for all you have, that's my "right".

When you're driving, pay attention to driving, and don't worry about texting your boyfriend about the date you two had last night.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Yeah it's historic but,

He may be the first black President in our history, but he's still a man. Come to me when we elect a woman. Now THAT will be historic.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ok Let's get real here.....

I am what you would call a "plus size" woman. Now every now and then, I like to look sexy for my husband. SO from time to time I pick up a nice sexy piece of lingerie. Here's my issue- I'm plus size- why the hell would I wear a thong? Are you kidding? Come on really- talk about stupid- it would probably get lost!
Clothing manufacturers - here's a clue, if you're gonna make a nice piece of lingerie for us make it with a nice boy short or high cut, or at least a bikini- at least that's more than a piece of thread!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The challenges of life.

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Part shock, part I knew it was coming. You just never want to hear the doctor confirm that it's true. I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant, so I knew what was expected of me. But that lasted only 3 months, this is a lifetime.
I attacked my "disease" with vigor. Changed my diet, exercise everyday. Sometimes it was tough to get on that bike, but I knew I wanted to be there for my family in the long term.
I have caught a cold, and for the first time, I feel genuine fatigue. My muscles hurt. It is tiring to chew food, my jaw feels like it's been chewing through rocks. The muscles in my arms feel like I've been carrying rocks. It is very trying to get through the 20 minutes of cycling (2x a day) right now because my leg muscles feel like they are ready to come out of my body. But a can't take a break and here is why: when you are sick, your body wreaks havoc on your sugar numbers. So your numbers tend to be higher. Exercise helps to bring them down. So, I'm in a sort of quandary. Do I wait until I'm better to exercise again, or do I suffer through it? I want to stay healthy, but is it at another expense?
Should Brady be worried?

Now most of New England gave a collective gasp when they saw Tom Brady go down in game one of the season. "We're doomed, we'll never make it to the Super Bowl now". Many thought. But in walks this Cassel kid. Now I know we've only played 2 games, but we won both times, without Brady. I for one would LOVE to see the Patriots go all the way with Matt Cassel. Even if we win say 70% of the games with him, I say that's reason for Brady to worry. Maybe he's not the only golden boy of the Pats.
Good Luck Matt!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The reusable bag quandary

Ok I do my part, small as it might be, to help the environment. For the past few months I have been using reusable shopping bags. You see them in every store, the cost a buck or two. So why is it every time I go into a store and place my bags on the counter, without fail, the clerk asks me "Do you want everything in here?"
No, I just decided to put my shopping bag there so you could look at it, and ponder how nice it is!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Play Doh

You gotta get a can of Play Doh. It is such great stress therapy. All you need to do is squish it in your hands for about 2 minutes, and everything seems much better!
Be kind....

Is it too much to be kind to someone else? We live in such a society where we just don't care about our fellow man. That blows my mind. Does it take less energy to get angry at someone, rather than understand them?
Everything we do directly impacts on our children and how they should act toward other people. DO you want to send the wrong message?

I know I don't.
Why is it....

That people can be such jerks? I just saw a news story that someone stole food and supplies from a Salvation Army location. Now that's low.